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Full Spectrum CBD Extractions & Infusions 

99%+ CBD extracted and infused into your choice of carrier oil – all in one step.  

The Difference is in Our Process

A New & Superior Method of Extraction & Infusion

The traditional methods used for processing the dry useable organic matter (mainly buds and leaves) from the cannabis plant comes in two main forms: ethanol and pressurized CO2 extraction. Using traditional CO2 or ethanol extraction processes, the first step is extracting the CBD, which is then infused into an oil in a second step and an additional process. These methods increase the cost of production and require trained personnel working in highly regulated work spaces.

At Tomorrow Solutions we utilize a system that can remove two production processes. First, the machine can process milled whole plant material. Second, the machine output will not have to be diluted back into a carrier (e.g., oil).

The Lipid System Extractor maintains whole plant integrity to produce a full spectrum CBD oil. The system preserves compounds such as terpenes and fatty acids that naturally occur in the plant. With the ability to capture all of the terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, this system produces the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil. 

Our method of extraction allows us to provide full spectrum cannabinoid rich oils to meet the highest quality standards. Our product is different from the majority of services as our finished product is free of chemical solvents.

Each machine using our four-column lipid extraction process will produce16 liters of full-spectrum CBD oil every two hours. 99%+ of the CBD is extracted from the plant and infused into the oil, in one step. Our infusion process can use any type of oil – MCT, olive, almond, cherry seed, etc.

Our Background & Experience

With a Combined 20 Years of Agricultural Experience & Industry Connections 

Michael Morrow, majority owner of Tomorrow Solutions, is an experienced farmer and convener of agricultural cooperatives that seek to bring Indiana farm products to market.  Tomorrow Solutions will benefit from this experience, expertise, and network to recruit suppliers from experienced farms that result in the production of high-quality full spectrum CBD oil.  

Production Capacity – 1 Machine / 2 Hours

12 Liters Carrier Oil +

10 pounds  Hemp =

16 Liters CBD Oil

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